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Wyoming Community Foundation Grant

The Y.E.S. House has been awarded a grant of $20,000! The Impact Youth Mentorship project was funded by the Wyoming Community Foundation.


This grant is used to match vulnerable youth with positive role models. The Mentorship Program matches caring individuals with children and youth for at least one year. These awesome volunteers provide support, advice and friendship.


Quotes from a mentor and mentee:

A 14-year old Mentee told me, "It's amazing that my mentor always knows what to say or do. I have a lot of problems with my Mom, and she will come over and talk to us for hours some nights until we are in a good place to go to bed.  She's more than a friend; I would call her family."


When asked how things are going with a 4-month old match, the Mentor said, "I don't know how you matched us so perfectly!  We have so much in common and we have so much fun together.  My mentee seems much happier now and that makes it all worth it. "



The Wyoming Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization that works with donors to support the charitable causes they care most about. In 2019 the Wyoming Community Foundation granted over $11 million to charitable causes across the state.

For information call 307-721-8300 or visit their website at


A huge THANK YOU to the Wyoming Community Foudnation for their generosity!